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Pre-Purchase Building Inspections for Stretton Homes

Super Inspect provides clients across Stretton and its surrounding areas with pre-purchase building and pest inspections to ensure that the home they’re purchasing has no nasty surprises in store. We will check for pest activity including Termites, structural problems and general defects around the property. We will provide you with a detailed report within 24 hours so you can make an informed decision regarding your potential purchase. Call us today to learn more.




How we conduct our building inspections

Super Inspect provides building inspections using a variety of methods and technologies to ensure that we provide whole picture for our clients. Some of the technology we utilise during our inspections includes:


Thermal imaging technology

We utilise thermal imaging technology to measure heat signatures in the building, including in the walls and the ceilings. This helps us to determine the occurrence of any pipework leaks, water ingression issues, termite or other pest activity and many more benefits.





What’s involved in our pre-purchase inspections

Pre-purchase building and pest inspections are an essential tool for any property investor or soon-to-be home owner. They will ensure that the money you’re investing is worthwhile. At Super Inspect, we will inspect the following aspects of the property, including:

  • Exterior of the property
  • Interior of the property
  • The building’s roof space
  • The roof’s exterior
  • The subfloor of the building
  • The site, including up to 30 metres away from the building

We will provide you with a comprehensive assessment regarding the overall state of your property detailing whether any timber pest activity, building defects or any construction that has not been properly carried out to building codes or Australian Standards are present.




Book your building and pest inspections in Stretton today

If you’re looking to purchase a property in Stretton, Springfield or a surrounding area, please get in touch with Super Inspect. Call us on 0477 222 734 today.