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Building and Pest Inspections





A Building and Pest Inspection is one of the most beneficial and informative inspections to have carried out prior to the purchase of your next property. Super Inspect will inspect and report on the condition of the property in high detail to ensure that your inspection is as thorough as possible. 


The Building and Pest Inspection will consist of a non-invasive assessment of your property in the following locations:

  • The roof space
  • The exterior of the building
  • The interior of the building
  • The Sub-floor of the building
  • The exterior of the roof
  • The yard area up to 30m away from the house

All Pest Inspections include a free thermal imaging assessment of the property.


During the inspection, we will utilize several inspection methods including visual inspections, moisture level analysis and thermal imaging technology to identify the following issues if present:

  • Construction that has not been carried out to the building codes or Australian Standards
  • The presence of termites or other timber pests at the property
  • Evidence of termite damages to the property
  • Wood rot and steel corrosion issues
  • Structural issues with the property
  • Moisture issues in and around the property
  • Poor workmanship that has been carried out on the property
  • Current and future maintenance issues


Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a report that will comprehensively review our findings.


The report will provide a highly detailed analysis and photography to clearly identify any issues that may become evident during the inspection.


The report will offer recommendations on all issues that are detected during the course of both of the inspections.


A Building and Pest Inspection by Super Inspect will ensure you have all the required information to make your next purchase with confidence.


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