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Insurance Damage Inspection

Do you have damage to your property as a result of an insurable event?  Super Inspect can report on your damages and assist in validating your claim to your insurance company.


With extensive experience as in the insurance industry with one of Australia's leading insurers, Super Inspect understands the level of detail that insurance companies require to validate your claim. We will inspect the damage to your property and provide a detailed report for your to pass on to your insurance assessor.


Home damages that Super Inspect will report on include:



Roof Damage Reports

We will assess damages to roofs that have been damaged as a result of storms and hail. The use of our drones are available for inspections on roofs that are 2 levels and higher.


Thermal imaging can be used to determine points of water ingression into roof spaces that have the potential to cause major damages throughout the house.



Leak Identification Reports

Do you suspect that you may have a water leak somewhere in your house. Super Inspect can carry out a series of tests including moisture meter detection and thermal imaging assessments to aid in pinpointing the source and location of your leak.



Shower Base Flood Testing

Leaking shower bases are an issue that are often not accepted as a claim with many insurance companies. Water damages in the vicinity of a shower are usually only accepted if the damage is a result of a leaking water pipe. Super Inspect can carry out a flood test to the shower recess and base to verify the source of the escaping water. Thermal Imaging can also be used to verify the locations of water egress. Providing a report of this nature can drastically reduce the turnaround time of an insurance company finalizing your claim.



Other Home Damages

Do you have a specific item that your require Super Inspect to assess for insurance purposes? Contact us now to find out how we can help.


An Insurance Damage Assessment from Super Inspect will ensure you have all the required information to assist you with your insurance claim.



Contact us today to book your Insurance Damage Assessment .