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Termatrac Technology

Ensure you have no unwanted guests in your house.

Super Inspect uses the most modern termite detection technology in the world, the Termatrac T3i. This highly accurate tool has revolutionized the practice of professional termite detection across the industry. The Termatrac T31 has the ability to detect termites through timber, brick, masonry, concrete, plaster board, plastic and many other building materials. The unit features three technologies that are utilized to efficiently detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites:

  1. Termite Detection Radar: This radar system accurately identifies termites through most common building materials without the requirement for exploratory inspections.
  2. Advanced Remote Thermal Sensor:Accurately identifies significant heat sources generated by termites within common building structures.
  3. Advanced Moisture Sensor: identifies any potential termite risk areas by detecting any concentrated presence of moisture.